Abi Ajoni is a human systems/human processes consultant. He consults for UK’s National Health Service (NHS), Local Authority Human Services/Social Services Departments, and private sector providers of social care services. Abi has 35 years combined practitioner/consultant experience in the human services/social care services field.

A trained and professionally qualified journalist, Abi started his career as an investigative journalist, with a special interest in investigating human interest, good governance, organisational development, and fairer society stories. As a journalist, he covered such assignments as Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), African Union heads of Government Meeting, and Economic Community of West African States Heads of Government Meeting.

A social commentator and author, Abi Ajoni has just published his latest book “Work/Life Balance- It Is Possible”. A second book, about building fulfilling, happy and lasting relationships, “Together Forever- The Relationship Business” is due out in November, 2021.

A singer/song writer and lyricist, Abi uses his compositions and songs to comment on social issues, champion human rights, equal rights and justice, and to inspire people to be the best they can be. He holds an MA in Care Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Human Processes Consulting (from Manchester University, UK), CAM Diploma (Marketing/Public Relations), and a Diploma in Journalism.

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