If you’ve ever wondered how one might achieve a work/life balanced life, in a world in which many organisations expect you to put your job before your health, your family and your children, you should read this book.

If you work for an organisation that pays lip-service to work/life balance, you’ve had enough of imbalance and you’re sincerely looking for a way out, you should read this book.

If you’ve ever wondered about work/life imbalance putting a marriage or relationship at risk, putting children at risk or wondered about the hidden cost of imbalance, this book is for you.

If you care about someone who is suffering from work/life imbalance and you’d like to help him or her out, you should read this book.

“Work/Life Balance – It is possible” distils and presents, with a rich mix of case studies, what it takes to live a work/life balanced life. It pulls together learning and wisdom from a variety of scholars, research institutes and universities from as far apart as California, Australia, and the United Kingdom to offer the reader tools, resources and a step-by-step guide for achieving a balanced life.

The Relationship Business explores the notion that couples are like partners in a business relationship, each with needs that must be satisfied if the relationship is to last. Packed with true examples, it offers business-like methods that can be used to develop fulfilled personal relationships; well tested alternatives to the rows, lack of communication, walk-outs, guilt and trauma that usually accompany disappointments in love.

The author brings together revealing works on the subject, developed by such names as Dr Colin  Murray Parks, Zelda West Meads of Relate, Dr Graham B. Spanier, Ann Lloyd, Dr Masud Hoghughi, and management expert Albert Humprey, giving readers a novel formula for WORKING IT OUT.

Published by Candid Books, London, UK

ISBN 0- 95155031

First Published 1989

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